28 February 2011

Buyers Beware

The speedometers in Defenders can go bad, some have been replaced for legitimate reasons and paperwork should be able to back up the actual mileage of any Defender. Here is an easy way to spot a replaced odometer in a 1993 NAS Defender 110 or in the 1994-1995 NAS Defender 90s.

The font (typeface) on the odometer (miles driven) display is different on the newer replacement units. The image above shows a stock and correct 1993-1995 Defender 110/90 odometer.

Compare that to this speedo that shows low mileage. You can see the font on the odometer is quite different. This is a replacement speedometer. Buyers beware.

Thanks to Mike over at ECR.

26 February 2011

2011 Defender Limited Edition

Fans of the Defender have been waiting with baited breath for the release of Land Rover’s limited edition Defender X-Tech series. Early images suggest that this vehicle was well worth the wait.

Making its formal debut at the Brussel’s Auto Show, the Defender X-Tech comes in two models: a three-door, Defender 90 style, or a five-door Defender 110 with a longer wheel base. The three-door model is produced exclusively in Zermatt Silver, with the 5-door sporting a rugged Olive Green. The roof and wheel arches feature a Santorini Black finish.

Unique to the X-Tech series, these Defenders feature black 16 inch Saw Tooth alloy wheels, which give the vehicle an aggressive, go-anywhere look. The Defender X-Tech is powered by a 2.4-litre commonrail diesel engine and matched with a 6-speed manual transmission.
The Defender X-Tech lists at £24,995 and is available in March 2011. As usual and unfortunately, the Defender X-Tech will not be made available in North America.

18 February 2011

Rust In Peace

06 February 2011

More Prototypes

The first Series 1 prototype, 1947. Notice the original intention of the center steering column.

One of the first Stage 1 prototypes, 1976. These would become the Defender.

The first Discovery. Developed by David Evans, it was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1989. 

And here is a green badge oddity. This is a Japanese Crossroad. Produced by Land Rover for Honda in Japan, the Crossroad was basically a badge engineered Series 1 Discovery. Notice the grille "H" badge. Blasphemy.

02 February 2011

The Road Rover. The First Range Rover

This is the #2 Range Rover prototype. 

June 17, 1970 is not a date etched on many minds. It is however the day that the Range Rover was announced to the worlds motoring press. Unknown to the Rover Company, it was a vehicle that over the years would totally revolutionize the leisure car market, a world beater.

The story had started a lot earlier. The Rover company had been 'toying' with the concept of a more "up market" Land Rover Estate car since the early 1950's. The first project was named "Road Rover", and several prototypes were built using the P4 'Auntie' Rover car chassis. Towards the end of the 50's the project ground to a halt, and was shelved. Continue reading here http://www.landrovercentre.com/history

01 February 2011

Canadian Collection For Sale 25K

Up for sale is a collection of Land Rovers from 1959-1972. Located in British Columbia. Bring a trailer.