14 January 2012

Bob Marley's Land Rover

After 25 years on static display in his former home at Hope Road, St. Andrew, Jamaica, reggae legend Bob Marley's 1976 Series III 109 has been taken away for restoration.
The export-spec Marine Blue truck cab is said to have been Marley's favorite vehicle.

Local Land Rover dealer ATL picked up the 109 from the Bob Marley museum and took into their workshops at Montego Bay for assessment - likely to end in a full strip down and refurbishment, before the Land Rover returns to Hope Road for further display.
Interestingly, the Bob Marley Foundation have pledged that any original parts removed during the restoration will be retained and put on display at the museum.

The Foundation's general manager, Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart, told local paper The Gleaner that the Land Rover was a highly prized part of the museum.
"It is very popular with visitors. I know they are going to miss it. What we will have to do is take a photograph and show people that it has been sent to be refurbished," she said.

In addition, she said that the removal has been "very traumatic" for the museum's staff. "Any time anything goes it is traumatic. They get a little emotional."

13 January 2012

1966 Sticker Shock

A nice post from East Coast Rover that I'm passing along. Here is the window sticker from a 1966 Series 2A 109 wagon. Lots of options and only $4,249.86

Land Rovers were actually expensive then also. You could buy a 1966 Corvette convertible for the same money.

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