31 December 2010

1977 Series 3 109

A really nice Series 3 For Sale. 20K or make an offer. I think you could get this for 16.5


23 December 2010

Happy Holidays To All

May you all have a white Christmas

15 December 2010

#1 Defender

The first Defender 90 imported to North America, #1, has been found and it has only 29,000 original miles. This instant classic and one of, if not the most collectiable NAS Defender 90, is now being offered for sale to the public. Interested parties please contact East Coast Rovers.


07 December 2010

A Primitive Rover Wash

It takes a while to wash a 110 thoroughly.

05 December 2010



22 November 2010

1958 Promotional Video Part 2

Part 2

Promotional Video from 1958

Part 1

21 November 2010

1955 Series 1 86


20 November 2010

Great Film About Lions & Rovers

Well worth a watch, even after 44 years. A great story with great Land Rovers. Here is part 5 of many. Years ago I tried to track down one of George Adamson's Land Rovers. I located his assistant's son. But I never found the infamous Rover. He had 3. One was given to a family friend upon his death. The other 2 have never turned up.

17 November 2010

BBC Tribute Video

16 November 2010

Breaking the Law

I think Moses needs to write the 11th Commandment. Could everyone please agree on putting an end to the combination of a Series 2 breakfast with Series 3 wings. This is an injustice to the preservation of these vehicles. If you need more lights, add a set of driving lights to the front bumper. And while you're at it Moses please put a clause in about painting over all galvanized parts. Some people are trying to maintain the originality, not paint over them.

15 November 2010

A Rover Portrait

A great artist and friend of mine, Gregg Simonton, uses his friends as inspiration and subject matter for a lot of his paintings. I was fortunate enough to be preserved on canvas. Gregg also used a bit of vintage Steve McQueen for the perfect pose. He actually painted two different portraits of me. I'm curious when I'm long gone will each one of my two kids have these hanging over their fireplaces. I doubt it.

14 November 2010

For Sale 1954 Series 1 107


13 November 2010

Great deal on a Land Rover

These don't always turn up with the original box included. The bidding has started low.

www. ebay.com/Matchbox-Lesney-no-12-Land-Rover

Do weather vanes leak oil?

12 November 2010

Great Defender Commercial

11 November 2010

Shed Find

How many Land Rovers can you fit in a shed? Well by the looks of this photo and ad the answer is 2.


Paint Codes

Below is a list of paints codes for your Rover. This link has even more paint code info.
Land Rover          Aerosol   Touch-Up  Dupont:   Ditzler 
Pastel green        RTC4041A  GAP405    GTU405    38504  
Bronze green        RTC4042A  GAP406    GTU406    38500 
Marine blue         RTC4043A  GAP407    GTU407    38503 
Limestone           RTC4044A  GAP408    GTU408    38505 
Alpine White        RTC6870A
Grey                GAP409    GTU409
Poppy red                                         38506 
Mid grey                                          38501 
Sand                                              38502 
Burnt grey                                        38508 
Davos white                                       38514 
Mexican brown                                     38519 
Cameron green                                     38520          

Series 1

 Bronze Green   0428
 Ivory          0416
 RAF Blue       37262
 Dove Grey      37263

Other part numbers:
White Primer   RTC4055A
Grey Primer    RTC4056A
Dulux hardener                                    77s
Aluminum cleaner                                  225s
Aluminum conversion coating                       226s
"Variprime" two-part primer                       615s
Engine enamel:  "Detroit Diesel Alpine Green"    #225 

09 November 2010

1980 Series 3 Dormobile For Sale

Here is a well traveled Series 3 for sale in Canada. Have a look at the link for additional photos.


07 November 2010

Great Holiday Gift

Forward this link to your better half.

2010 PHLRS Poster

Here is this year's poster. Communication Arts did a nice write up about the design. Click to enlarge.


06 November 2010

A Rover Song

There has only been one song ever written about a Land Rover. Paul McCartney owned an 88 and a 109 in the 1970's. He kept them at his farm in Scotland. He wrote "Helen Wheels" about his beloved Series 3 109. He still owns the 109 to this day.

Said farewell to my last hotel
it never was much kind of abode

Glasgow town never brought me down
when I was heading on the road.
Carlisle city never looked so pretty

and the Kendal freeway's fast

Slow down driver
want to stay alive

I want to make this journey last.

Helen - Hell on wheels
ain't nobody else gonna know
the way she feels.
Helen hell on wheels
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/DJQl ]
and they never gonna take her away.
M 6 south down to Liverpool
where they play the westcoast sound

Sailor Sam he came from Birmingham
but he never will be found
Doing fine when a London sign
greets me like a long lost friend

Mister motor
won't you check her out
she's got to take me back again.
Helen - Hell on wheels . . .
Got no time for a rum and lime
I wanna get my right foot down
Shake some dust off of this old bus
I gotta get her out of town
Spend the day upon the motorway
Where the carburettors blast
Slow down driver wanna stay alive
I want to make this journey last.

05 November 2010

New Arrival

Just picked up a new addition to replace the NAS 110 that I sold. An unbelievable garage find. A 1974 Series 3 that has been garage kept since the day of purchase. Only 13,700 original miles and the paint looks brand new. The interior is pristine. Selling your NAS 110 can be depressing. Finding a Rover in this condition is a sure cure for the Rover blues.

2009 PHLRS Poster

click to enlarge

04 November 2010

Importing A Canadian Truck into the US

This info was gathered by "sandrover88" on the Rovers North site. Very useful info.

You will need to fill out two forms for exemptions and pay some duty.

You will have the Canadian ownership and bill of sale, then complete the steps to fill out those two exemption forms below and bring all of these documents with you to the DMV office.


Getting the Vehicle to your home

There are other rail yards you can use... I have included the link to the Toronto shipping company I used in 2001 when I had it shipped to my area near Toronto, Ontario.

They can take over loading it onto a rail car after you drop it off at their train yard depot, then the vehicle will ride the rails to a train yard near you.
For added $$ they can also arrange to have a transport truck deliver the vehicle from where it is now to the train yard depot.

Read up on some of their links and PDF's, these will answer most of your shipping and import questions.

They go into many many details which won't apply to your situation so don't let the details scare you.

Special note: this first web page list's two importers who will know this stuff well.


If you would rather drive and pick up the vehicle yourself that is the cheapest option for sure
If you own a truck or van or can borrow one, then you may try towing it yourself.

Load it onto a trailer (or car transporter which you can rent from U-Haul).
See the links below:


This one is best because it has brakes on the trailer. I believe it would be a surge type of brake system and helps to slow the towed trailer down.



Form #1

Environmental Protection Agency - Exemption

see the EPA Importation Flow Chart listed on page 5 of the PDF document 420b10027.pdf

The link to that document is here:


The question goes like this:

Is the vehicle or engine
being imported excluded from emission
requirements (see Table 5)?

the answer is yes and flows to this box:

Declare the necessary
exclusion code on the
relevant EPA Form
(See Tables 5 and 6)

Enter this in EPA Form 3520-1
which can be downloaded at


In that EPA Form 3520-1 it has EPA exemptions for a vehicle or engine at least 21 years old... see the section titled:

EPA exempted vehicles

code E - vehicle or engine at least 21 years old (calendar year of manufacture subtracted from year of importation) and in original unmodified configuration is either exempted or excluded from EPA emission requirements, depending on age. Customs may require proof of vehicle age.


Form #2

US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Exemption

The form can be downloaded here:

— D E C L A R A T I O N —
Importation of Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment Subject to
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, Bumper and Theft Prevention Standards

There is an exemption for vehicles that are older than 25 years old and don't meet the following Standards:

.. see line item #1 which states:

The vehicle is 25 or more years old or the equipment item was manufactured on a date when no applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard or Theft Prevention Standard was in effect. Date of manufacture: ____________________[591.5(i)]

03 November 2010

1955 Series 1

A friend of mine's Series 1 Land Rover. This one came over from the mother country about 4 years ago. Restoration by Mark Raspi's British Imports. Check out the link for complete photos of the restoration.


02 November 2010

The Rover Family Tree

Click to enlarge