06 November 2010

A Rover Song

There has only been one song ever written about a Land Rover. Paul McCartney owned an 88 and a 109 in the 1970's. He kept them at his farm in Scotland. He wrote "Helen Wheels" about his beloved Series 3 109. He still owns the 109 to this day.

Said farewell to my last hotel
it never was much kind of abode

Glasgow town never brought me down
when I was heading on the road.
Carlisle city never looked so pretty

and the Kendal freeway's fast

Slow down driver
want to stay alive

I want to make this journey last.

Helen - Hell on wheels
ain't nobody else gonna know
the way she feels.
Helen hell on wheels
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and they never gonna take her away.
M 6 south down to Liverpool
where they play the westcoast sound

Sailor Sam he came from Birmingham
but he never will be found
Doing fine when a London sign
greets me like a long lost friend

Mister motor
won't you check her out
she's got to take me back again.
Helen - Hell on wheels . . .
Got no time for a rum and lime
I wanna get my right foot down
Shake some dust off of this old bus
I gotta get her out of town
Spend the day upon the motorway
Where the carburettors blast
Slow down driver wanna stay alive
I want to make this journey last.


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