04 November 2010

Importing A Canadian Truck into the US

This info was gathered by "sandrover88" on the Rovers North site. Very useful info.

You will need to fill out two forms for exemptions and pay some duty.

You will have the Canadian ownership and bill of sale, then complete the steps to fill out those two exemption forms below and bring all of these documents with you to the DMV office.


Getting the Vehicle to your home

There are other rail yards you can use... I have included the link to the Toronto shipping company I used in 2001 when I had it shipped to my area near Toronto, Ontario.

They can take over loading it onto a rail car after you drop it off at their train yard depot, then the vehicle will ride the rails to a train yard near you.
For added $$ they can also arrange to have a transport truck deliver the vehicle from where it is now to the train yard depot.

Read up on some of their links and PDF's, these will answer most of your shipping and import questions.

They go into many many details which won't apply to your situation so don't let the details scare you.

Special note: this first web page list's two importers who will know this stuff well.


If you would rather drive and pick up the vehicle yourself that is the cheapest option for sure
If you own a truck or van or can borrow one, then you may try towing it yourself.

Load it onto a trailer (or car transporter which you can rent from U-Haul).
See the links below:


This one is best because it has brakes on the trailer. I believe it would be a surge type of brake system and helps to slow the towed trailer down.



Form #1

Environmental Protection Agency - Exemption

see the EPA Importation Flow Chart listed on page 5 of the PDF document 420b10027.pdf

The link to that document is here:


The question goes like this:

Is the vehicle or engine
being imported excluded from emission
requirements (see Table 5)?

the answer is yes and flows to this box:

Declare the necessary
exclusion code on the
relevant EPA Form
(See Tables 5 and 6)

Enter this in EPA Form 3520-1
which can be downloaded at


In that EPA Form 3520-1 it has EPA exemptions for a vehicle or engine at least 21 years old... see the section titled:

EPA exempted vehicles

code E - vehicle or engine at least 21 years old (calendar year of manufacture subtracted from year of importation) and in original unmodified configuration is either exempted or excluded from EPA emission requirements, depending on age. Customs may require proof of vehicle age.


Form #2

US Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Exemption

The form can be downloaded here:

— D E C L A R A T I O N —
Importation of Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Equipment Subject to
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, Bumper and Theft Prevention Standards

There is an exemption for vehicles that are older than 25 years old and don't meet the following Standards:

.. see line item #1 which states:

The vehicle is 25 or more years old or the equipment item was manufactured on a date when no applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard or Theft Prevention Standard was in effect. Date of manufacture: ____________________[591.5(i)]


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