06 February 2009

Object of Desire

I have a fascination with Land Rovers. I think it's actually an addiction. I have owned both vintage and newer models. My obsession started at a very early age. I remember watching the old 60's movie "Born Free", about the lioness in the wild. I couldn't care less about Elsa, I just wanted one of those damn, cool looking trucks.

At a later age, my true object of desire was a 1993 Land Rover Defender 110. There were only 500 imported into the US for that year. No more ever reached our shores due to safety regulations. 6 years ago my dream came true and I was lucky enough to take ownership of one. As unstylish as it may look, I beg to differ. It's a work of art.


John said...

i take a defender over a bimmer any day.

Anonymous said...

I used to own a 1992 Defender 110 CSW in Eastnor green as a second vehicle (big boys toy ;-) The wife made me sell it when we had our first child. I still miss it now as I have always loved Land Rovers,still have loads of magazines and models, but they are not really practical in a city environment, especially not in the UK with our our extortionate fuel prices and future punishing road tax on 4x4 vehicles. I really loved the manual ventilation system under the windscreen, so low tech but so effective. Every journey in a Land Rover feels like an adventure.

Lee UK

poloist12 said...

Any thoughts on the LR3? I was planning on getting one but read some pretty bad reviews.

I, like you love Rovers.

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